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The 35th Annual Conference on
Human Sentence Processing

24 - 26 March, 2022
Hosted by UC Santa Cruz

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Abstract deadline: December 1, 2021

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Special theme: Prosody, Gesture, and Meaning

HSP2022 will interrogate the connection between prosody, gesture and meaning. We are delighted to welcome the following researchers to address questions related to the perception and production of prosody and the planning and interpretation of co-speech gesture. By what mechanisms are these multimodal communication channels integrated with, or segregated from, other aspects of linguistic cognition, such as syntax, compositional semantics and pragmatics? How does our ability to process gestural or prosodic features develop in first- and second-language?

We are grateful to receive continuing support from the National Science Foundation (Awarded to UMass-Amherst; PI Brian Dillon and Co-PI Adrian Staub) to sustain the special session topic from CUNY2020, "The interface between linguistic computation and other cognitive systems".

Abstract submission guidelines

Deadline: December 1, 2021, 11:59:59pm AOE.

Contribute your abstract via our submission portal. You will be asked to either create an account or to use credentials provided by LinkedIn or Google. Please respect the following formatting rules:

We recognize that many of us are just now returning to in-person research (if at all). Projects with in-progress data collection are acceptable, but please include enough detailed information about the state of data collection and analysis to guide reviewers' evaluation. You can provide this information on Page 2.

Prepare your abstracts for submission as PDF files. You will also be asked to copy-and-paste the abstract body only (either as plaintext or RTF) into a text submission box.

Sample (anonymous) abstract that obeys the formatting guidelines

Conference format

HSP2022 plans to operate as a hybrid conference with the following 3 components.
Virtual core

There will be a virtual “core” scientific program organized centrally by UC Santa Cruz. It will consist of invited-speaker presentations, peer-reviewed plenary presentations, and poster sessions. Anyone will be able to participate fully just virtually.

Santa Cruz In-person

We plan to hold an in-person event at UC Santa Cruz 24-26 March, 2022. Participants can deliver their presentations and questions in front of a live audience and participate in social events, similar to the pre-pandemic meetings.

All presentations, including Q&A, will be based on the virtual platform. We will have an A/V set-up to enable this for "in-person" presentations in Santa Cruz.

Visitors will be required to comply with the University Public Health Policy which requires showing proof of COVID-19 Vaccination or a recent negative test; and which currently mandates wearing face-coverings indoors.

Self-organized satellite gatherings

We recognize that it may be infeasible or undesirable to travel to California, but that folks may wish to gather with other HSP-ers in-person. Therefore we strongly encourage any individual or group to host a gathering local to themselves. These can be of any size and scope and formality.

We will maintain and publish a clearinghouse of known self-organized satellite gatherings. We've also created a sourcebook of ideas.

Visiting Santa Cruz

If you think there's any chance you will to travel to Santa Cruz for our in-person event, then we strongly advise making a refundable hotel reservation now, in the Fall; one which you can cancel if your plans or inclinations change.

Santa Cruz and the surrounding Monterey Bay area receives visitors all year round, which means that looking for last-minute accommodation, which is often limited and expensive, can be frustrating. Planning ahead makes a huge difference.

Here are three hotels close to the University, which are good options:

We will arrange shuttle transportation to/from these local hotels to the in-person site. AirBnB and VRBO are also popular alternatives in Santa Cruz.

The closest airports are San Jose (SJC; 35 miles) and San Francisco (SFO; 62 miles). To travel from the airport, you can rent a car, use shuttle services, or take public transportation.

UC Santa Cruz overlooks the beautiful Monterey Bay. There are unparalleled opportunities for outdoor activities in the area. If you can take advantage of any extra time to explore coastal California, then sharing a car rental is your best option. Hike amongst the redwoods in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, spot a condor at Pinnacles National Park, get on the water in Monterey, or take in the breathtaking drive to Big Sur. Santa Cruz, and the Santa Cruz mountains, are also the home to a number of award-winning wineries and breweries.